Products 76 – 93 of 93. Body Circle Surgical Stainless Steel Internal Threaded Large Gauge Circular Horseshoe Barbell 0g Proudly Made in the USA!

Circular barbells can be used for a variety of piercings, including but not limited to ears, cartilage, lips and septums. Our circular barbells are made out of 316LVM stainless steel manufactured by Body Circle.

Our circular & Curved barbells come in spectacular designs, from black steel’s & titanium, to feminine glittering plated rose gold & rainbow graphics.

16g 10mm Eyebrow Ring Piercing Curved Barbell 316L Steel with Bezel Set Synthetic Opal Balls. $ 2.99. Add to cart. Stainless Steel CBR Captive Bead Ring.

Triskelion belly ring. 316L surgical steel curved barbell in 14 gauge, 3/8" length. Semi precious Nebula metal is used for the Triskelion design. Miracle beads, shown in Amethyst, appear to glow in any lighting. Prong set upper gemstone is set in.

7/16" (11mm) (5). Ball Size. Rose Gold Prong Set Gemmed Horseshoe Circular Barbell. Rose Gold Spring Butterfly Flower Horseshoe Circular Barbell.

Matching Ball Rose Gold Plated Belly Bar Rose Gold Plated. Matching Ball Steel Curved Bananabell – Basic Curved Barbell. Navel Rings Australia.

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Shipping. 10 Gauge Circular Barbell will arrive in tamper proof sealed white padded envelope. Please inspect the package up on arrival and call or email us if.

If you’re into body jewelry, you can never have enough circular barbells. Lex and Lu has a huge selecion of stainless steel and titanium helix ring body piercings, circular barbell horsehoes, circular barbells with cones and circular barbell.

Heavy large gauge piercing rings in different styles and sizes. Circular barbells and captive bead rings. Large gauge jewellery.

Free Shipping. Buy UV Ball Circular Barbell, 14 Ga,7/16" (11Mm),1/4" (6Mm) Ball,Black – A at

Recommended Gauges for New Body Piercings. With the ever growing popularity of heavy gauge body piercings and the common desire to stretch piercings beyond their original size, we are frequently asked what size piercing we.

One of the UK’s largest ranges of real gold belly bars. Enjoy free UK delivery when you spend £7.50, fast despatch, great prices and friendly service.

Circular barbells are suitable for many piercings. They range from very tiny, for eyebrow piercings, to very large for male piercings. They come in many different gauges, inner diameters, and materials. Circular barbells range from economy grade and pricing to the highest quality body jewelry available anywhere today.

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Filigree Flower belly button ring. This flower looks fragile, but is very sturdy. AB gemstones in the top and bottom balls. Glass bead, on the bottom, is also AB in color. 316L surgical steel curved barbell is 14 gauge.

TITANIUM CIRCULAR BARBELL | circular-barbells | Salamander Jewelry. Choose your sizes & colors below and click the add button to add them to your cart.

Shop for the latest circular horseshoes, pop culture merchandise, gifts & collectibles at Hot Topic! From circular horseshoes to tees, figures & more, Hot Topic is.

Buy 1pc of 18g thru 2g Surgical Steel Circular Horseshoe Barbell with Spikes Lip Septum (10g (2.4mm) – 1/2" (12mm) – 6mm): Shop top fashion brands Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry at FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchases

Great for Cartilage, Tragus, Helix, Conch, Rook and more. Circular Barbells 316L Surgical Steel Item Number HS. (11mm) 4mm: Login to see the price:

Free Shipping. Buy Flower Ball Circular Barbell, 14 Ga,7/16" (11Mm),3/16" (5Mm) Ball,Yellow – E at

Browse our nipple ring selection. Awesome designs and styles to pick from ranging from diamond nipple rings, rainbow nipple rings, captive nipple.

Titanium – CBR Circular Barbell (horseshoe) Titanium. Titanium – Barbell 1,6 mm – 16 mm – 5 mm Prices visible after login. Titanium – Nose spiral – Flat Disc – CC

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One single Synthetic Opal Horseshoe 316L Surgical Steel Circular Barbell circle. 16 gauge bar. 8mm diameter circle. Horseshoe Hoop Multi-functional Captive.

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